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Larry King

Hello my name is Larry King.  I am a new agent at Renee’s Resales but I am not new to the whole Renee’s concept. I am a native Michigander and when I bought my home in 2017, I was going to be a snowbird. I stayed one winter and went home and sold my home. I just absolutely love living here.

I thought that all I had to do was find a realtor and they would show me all of the parks in the area. That wasn’t the way it went.  Renee’s Resales has multiple parks in different local locations. We offer several different homes to fit your needs. I am so happy to be on Renee’s team of excellent agents.

I searched the east coast to the southeast coastal area. I chose to be in Winter Haven for the smaller town experience. We are close to all of the amusement parks without having to be always in the traffic and crowds.

I am part of a two man team with Fred Korroch. Fred sold conventional real estate in the past and we are excited to work with you.

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